My name is Claire Pendarves and I originally trained and worked as an interior designer in London before specialising in lighting.  It was whilst working on an interior design project in Switzerland in the 90s that a renowned lighting consultant was commissioned to carry out the lighting design and my career path changed forever.

I realised that no matter what attention is paid to furniture, fabrics, flooring and window treatments it is the lighting predominantly that can totally transform a space.

Lighting is an emotional issue. Good lighting should make us feel relaxed and in harmony.  It shouldn’t jar or glare, or be a hassle to control. It should make our lives calm.

How is Luxplan Different?

I am a lighting consultant and have, in the past, owned a showroom supplying lighting which taught me a good deal about the products that last, and some of the pitfalls that can be encountered during installation and further down the line.

I have now downsized and no longer supply lighting but work on a consultancy basis only, marking up design schemes where I specify from a wide range of products so that you, the client, can purchase the light fittings direct from the suppliers on the best terms available to you.


Luxplan can carry out lighting design projects through the UK as well as overseas. Communication is via email, phone and Zoom and this same technique has already been used for projects as far away as Chile, Malaysia, France and Guernsey.

What do I Do?

I mark up architectural plans with circuits and recommended light fittings, all ready to pass on to your electrical contractor.  The specification is fully transparent enabling you to source the products on the best terms available to you or your builder.

What are the Benefits?

As I don’t supply the lighting you can be sure that I’m not influenced by profit margins or allegiances to any particular manufacturer. This means that the products specified are done so purely due to my experience and knowledge of their quality and longevity.

I will suggest ways in which you can make savings and give you honest advice about where and why it is most beneficial to spend more.

Is the full design included?

Whilst I specify the overall architectural lighting of the interior and fixed exterior façade of the property I don’t specify feature lights but will makes suggestions and give you information on where these can be sourced.  The standard service does not include the landscaping although I’m happy to design gardens and landscapes if required; full plans would be required and a fee would be quoted before work commenced.

How does it work?

Send me your plans and a brief description of what you require and I will get back to you with a quote for the work and then the best thing is to talk it through on the phone if you think you are interested.

Email me at design@luxplan.co.uk


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