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Bedroom Wall Lights with Switch

Bedroom Wall Lights with Switch - Designer Picks

Bedroom wall lights are so much better when they have a switch. Here I’ve selected 9 lovely switched bedroom wall lights to make life easier.


Disclaimer: This page may contain affiliate links which means I’ll earn a small commission if you make a purchase – at no extra cost to you.




This switched wall light has a slight nautical feel to it with its shape and the knuckle joint for fixing the angle of the light.

Perfect as a bedroom reading light but would also work well in a living room, office or even kitchen where you have a reading area that you don’t want illuminated with the rest of the circuit.

A very good price for the design and finish.

Bright nickel. Takes a standard E14 bulb so dimmable.

H 232 x W140 D 200-320 mm





MANN - switched - Original BTC

Sometimes the greatest design is the simplest and the Mann switched wall light by Original BTC is a perfect example.

The bone china shade allows soft light to come through so all the light isn’t just directed forwards. Works as a bedroom wall light but looks lovely in other areas of the house when you need some focused reading light.

Takes a standard GLS bulb and not technically dimmable.

H: 220 mm D: 120  P: 240 mm




The Tolomeo by Artemide is a  design classic and not only works well in a bedroom as a reading light; it also suits other living areas. This one comes with an integral switch although there are versions that come without.

It’s made of aluminium and rotates a full 360 degrees. In terms of design style and quality it’s a perfect choice for a reading wall light.

Takes a standard GLS bulb.

H 230 x D 280 mm



HECTOR 30 - Switched - Original BTC

The Hector 30 switched wall light is a classic shape and gives out a beautiful light through the bone china shade. Perfect as a bedroom wall light but a multi-purpose wall light.

There are several variations. This one has satin brass and grey braided cable which gives it a sophisticated air but you can also choose aluminium and other cable colours.

I used to sell bucket loads of Hectors when I had a showroom and I’ll never get tired of them. Love them to bits!

Takes standard E27 bulb

H: 225  P: 290 mm





This sleek and contemporary wall light has the dual benefits of diffused light emanating from the main body of the lamp and a further LED attachment for reading.

The body of the light fitting is matt nickel and the half shade is woven white fabric which gives diffused light out into the room. The LED gives out a warm white light of 2700K.

Main light takes a standard E27 bulb.

H: 303  W: 246  P: 138



ANGLEPOISE TYPE 80 - Anglepoise

Anglepoise have beautiful shapes and are the king pins when it comes to angled reading lights. This Type 80 wall light has classic lines and is shown here in Mist Grey although there are other colours available.

This link takes you to John Lewis who have the Type 80 at a good price. Useful if you’re collecting points.

H: 160  W: 145  P: 265 mm



HARVEY (SWITCHED) - Endon Lighting

The Harvey wall light not only looks lovely but has the added benefit of two different light sources. The main source is from a E14 bulb placed within the faux silk lampshade.

The second source, the LED reader, is great as a focused light or can be used separately when you don’t want to disturb your partner in bed.

Bright nickel with white lampshade. Main fitting is dimmable.

H: 285  W: 150  P: 230 mm




IMARI WALL LIGHT - Astro Lighting

The Imari wall light with switch is highly adjustable and gives a lovely soft light out through the porcelain shade. This one is in a matt nicket but it also comes in a bronze finish.

The angle of the light can be adjusted which is useful when reading in bed or in any situation in the house where additional light is needed.

Takes a standard E14 golf ball bulb.

H: 195  W: 140  P: 262 mm




This Hector Pleat wall light with switch has a gentle, slightly feminine feel to it so works particularly well in bedrooms and dressing rooms. There’s also an unswitched version for further mixing and matching within a space which is useful as you don’t always need it to be switched.

It takes a standard E27 bulb which gives a beautiful soft light out through the bone china shade.

H: 225  W: 120  P: 290 mm

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Claire Pendarves trained and worked as an interior designer before being entranced by the magical effects of beautiful lighting. She now works as a lighting consultant where she integrates her technical knowledge with over 25 years of experience in the design industry.