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12 Go-To Astro Wall Lights

My Best Go-To Astro Wall Lights

I’ve been using Astro Lighting lights for years and I think they are great. Good quality and reasonable prices.

Here are 12 of my go-to wall lights. Just click the image or the descriptions below to be taken through to the supplier. They are all realistic prices.


Disclaimer: This page may contain affiliate links which means I’ll earn a small commission if you make a purchase – at no extra cost to you.



PARMA 210 - Astro Lighting

This is a great architectural wall light giving a sharp cut of light up and down so really good for layering light – one of the key principles of good lighting. Another benefit is that it takes standard GU10 LED lamps which means it gives out a good amount of light whilst makes dimming easy. provided you choose the right bulbs.

It’s made of plaster which is paintable so you can either leave it white or merge it with the decor so you’re just left with the lighting effect.

These look great in repetition.

H: 210 W: 90 D: 110 mm





BOLOGNA 240 - Astro Lighting

If you want a slightly softer look to the Parma 210 above, it’s worth considering this tubular up/down wall light. Again it’s in plaster which is paintable and it takes standard GU10 LED bulbs which makes dimming easy.

You won’t get such a sharp cut of light on the wall as you will with the Parma 210 but some design schemes need something a bit softer.

It’s great for casting some gentle light on the ceiling and creating layering of light which is so crucial in lighting design.

H: 240 W: 120 D: 140 mm



PARMA 200 - Astro Lighting

If you’ve got an area that needs to be uplit, such as a vaulted ceiling, this is a great light to go for. You can accentuate the height whilst keepting the effect soft. It’s also much cheaper than going for full LED tape in coving. Doesn’t use so much electricity either.

Made of plaster that you can paint to match the walls. Takes a standard E27 lamp so can be dimmable with the right bulb.

H: 50 W: 200 D: 100 mm



VELO 390 - Astro Lighting

You may think this is an insignificant wall light and why would I choose it? In fact it works well in many situations.

Because it’s so slim it’s ideal for corridors and tight spaces and its curved ends make it attractive from all angles. It’s good for areas that don’t need to be lit up brightly but you want opened up and enhanced.

Made of plaster (paintable) and takes 2 x E27 lamps. There’s also a smaller version which is 280mm wide.

H: 190 x W: 390 x D: 100 mm



CYL 260 - Astro Lighting

I’m a fan of frosted glass lights as they can emit a good amount of light without glare. And when it comes to frosted glass wall lights they not only help to create layering of light, but do a fair amount of the work that downlights or pendants would do.

The Cyl 260 is great at combining the soft light outwards but also gives a stylish scallop of light up and down. There’s a smaller version – the Cyl 200 and I tend to use a combination of these in halls and stairways.

Takes 2 x E27 bulbs – dimmable if you buy the correct ones.

H: 260 W: 145  D: 170 mm



LUGA - Astro Lighting

I often use the Luga wall light in design schemes with the Cyl above (either the large or small versions). This light works well in bedrooms either side of the bed, or in an area where you may need some extra light for reading.

Works well in a simple Scandinavian style interior and super useful with the discreet switch.

A very good price as well.

Takes one E27 lamp which can be dimmed.

H: 120 W: 130 D: 150 mm



VERONA - Astro Lighting

I use this bathroom wall light regularly in design schemes as it’s a good price but has a luxurious feel with the mirrored backplate. A pair of these either side of a mirror work well for shaving and make up, especially as the glass is frosted so you don’t end up with any sharp shadows.

Also it’s dimmable which I find important in bathrooms so you can manipulate the atmosphere. So many bathroom wall lights are dedicated LED fittings which is just so ‘fixed’.

Takes a slim E14 bulb – recommend dimmable.

H: 250 W: 72 D: 85





MASHIKO 360 CLASSIC - Astro Lighting

This Mashiko wall light is big, bold and impressive. A pair of these either side of a mirror in a bathroom makes a statement and they’re great for making up or shaving as the light is softened by the frosted glass.

Illustrated here in the polished chrome version but it also comes in a matt gold and bronze finish. They all look fabulous.

It takes 2 x E27 lamps and I would strongly recommend you buy dimmable versions.

H: 360 W: 80 D: 80 mm



TOKYO WALL LIGHT - Astro Lighting

This is a great wall light and one of my favourites in that it gives out good light into the space without glare. It also has the attractive wide scallop of light cast up and down which gives interest.

There’s also a switched version which is very useful as a bedside light, and the fact that it’s slim means it works well in corridors and tight spaces. Also good for kitchens and living rooms.

Takes one E27 lamp – recommend dimmable versions.

H: 130 W: 250 D: 162



KOZA WALL LIGHT - Astro Lighting

Another plaster light which can be painted if required but looks good in the natural version as well.

Switched so it works well as a bedroom wall light, or in those areas where you may want to up the light for reading, but don’t want to make a feature of it.

Takes one SES bulb – ideally dimmable (so you can dim it from the main switch)

H: 135 W: 165 D: 200



SERIFOS 220 - Astro Lighting

This up/down wall light is made of plaster and can be painted the same colour as the wall if you want it to blend in further.

Looks great in corridors and in repetition and chucks out quite a lot of light as it takes two GU10 bulbs.

Recommend buying dimmable LED GU10 bulbs so that you are able to dim.

NB Beware if the plastering is rough as this type of light will highlight imperfections.

H: 220 W: 140 D: 71




MAST LIGHT - Astro Lighting

This mast light is IP65 rated but I don’t just use it in bathrooms or as an exterior light. If you have a blank wall behind a work surface in a kitchen a few of these can look great and they cast good light downwards.

Great in bathrooms, especially when you have sloping ceilings – like so many new-builds these days. I wouldn’t recommend using it in a shower enclosure though. The rating may be okay but your electrician could be reluctant to sign it off.

Comes in white, black, grey and antique brass.

H: 135 W: 85 D: 85


Claire Pendarves trained and worked as an interior designer before being entranced by the magical effects of beautiful lighting. She now works as a lighting consultant where she integrates her technical knowledge with over 25 years of experience in the design industry.