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Lighting Wedding Gifts

Lighting Wedding Gifts

Now that things are starting to open up, delayed weddings are now going ahead. These days the ‘wedding list’ is on the wane as so many couples live together before tying the knot. They already have the pots, pans and plates so, as a guest, selecting a gift can be quite tricky.

Don’t they say that you should always give the gift that you, yourself would like? That’s easy for me. As I’m so absorbed by lighting I usually give something connected to light in some way. From reading lamp to candles, candelabra to tea lanterns. I can’t believe that people can be immune to the magic of light. So that’s the gift I try to impart – some magic. Here are some of my favourites:

Amy Cooper Ceramics


Amy Cooper produces beautiful porcelain atmospheric lights which make wonderful gifts. When I had a showroom many years ago, I used to sell masses of the urchin lamps throughout the year – especially as we were based in Cornwall and they have a very maritime feel.

Amy has increased her range enormously now and makes beautiful tubular table lamps as well as pretty little candle holders. I’ve given many of her lights as special gifts. Brilliant for wedding presents but also a gift to yourself!

Cream Cornwall

I could easily buy up half the Cream Cornwall shop. However, I’ll try and keep focused on the lighting aspect.

Cream Cornwall do beautiful lampshades suitable for lamps as well as pendant fittings. Do check the orientation of the design prior to purchasing. You can specify which type you would like and they will make to order.

Many of their designs have maritime theme but not all of them. They also do a simple, stylish range of table lamps as well as a lovely solid wooden floor lamp which looks great with one of the larger lampshades,

Hannah Nunn

Hannah makes beautiful laser cut parchment lights reflecting the delicate beauty of nature. She used to have a lovely shop called Radiance in Hebden Bridge which sold her fabulous lighting as well as other illuminating pieces by British artists and makers. Unfortunately the shop closed in 2016 but she still sells her products online and has now branched out into designing fabrics and wallpapers.

I love the tubular table and floor lamps that will soften a dark corner in any room.

For an economical present why not give a candle cover or two? I can’t imagine anyone who wouldn’t love one.

Lush Designs

I really love this company by design duo Marie Rodgers and Maria Livings. They create really quirky and original designs and I used to sell mounds of their beautiful lampshades when I had my showroom. In fact, the lighting section is only one small part of Lush Designs so there’s a multitude of gifts you could choose from.

Make sure you state whether the shade you select is for a lamp or a pendant as, due to the design, you need to ensure you get it right.

Luna Lighting

Luna Lighting make beautiful porcelain globe lights which cast magical pinpricks of light around. Place them close to a wall to get the full benefit. They look wonderful any time of the year.

Fabulous in a cluster on the floor of a hallway, but also work beautifully as a single light.

Also a wonderful range of pretty tealight holders for little gifts. Really lovely.