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Soane – Elegant Lighting Made in Britain

Beautifully Elegant Lighting Made in Britain

Soane doesn’t just produce beautifully elegant lighting but also a wide range of timeless furniture, wallpaper and fabrics – all made in the UK by a plethora of craftsmen who serve as the bedrock to this thriving design company.

Founded in the late 1990s by designer Lulu Lytle who has a passion for British crafts and classical architecture, Soane now boasts showrooms in London (Pimlico Road) as well as San Francisco and Manhattan in the USA.

The use of rattan is taken to extraordinary heights giving a fresh twist to some classical pieces, both with lighting as well as chairs, sofas and tables.

Their products have serious prices. Don’t expect to see them on the website – you need to enquire. But they are beautiful, they are high-end and there is the option for bespoke.

I absolutely love the Chinnery Wall Lantern and it is now stored in my mental Filofax.

Love British Lighting

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