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Our Lighting Design Service post Covid


Hello to everyone and I hope you’re all well and safe. Maybe I’m being a bit optimistic saying ‘post’ Covid but hopefully that will be the case in a few weeks.

Either way, I’ve done a lot of thinking during lockdown (as I’m sure many of you have) and I’ve decided to make some changes to the lighting service:

I’m now offering 3 tiers of my lighting design service ranging from a one hour telephone consultation to the full ‘gold’ service where plans are marked up and a full specification supplied – the same as offered previously. This will ensure the design advice is more appropriate to your needs and budget.

I no longer supply lighting at all for either of our websites. In the past I would only supply to local clients, or if Luxplan clients had difficulty sourcing products. I now only do the lighting consultancy service.

As I’ve rather enjoyed a more relaxed pace of life I will be spacing out my work more so life isn’t so hectic. This means I will take on one large project a week, possibly with a couple of one hour consultations. Everything seems to be waking up again now and work is coming in, so if you have a project in mind please book in your time slot and I will aim to keep it free for you.

Finally, due to reducing my turnover I will be de-registering for VAT which means the service will be cheaper for you. Up until now, VAT could not be reclaimed on my lighting fees but soon VAT won’t be charged at all which should help the bottom line. NB Customs & Excise is currently overloaded with companies de-registering for VAT so this may take some time.

I’ve been meaning to make changes for a while so that my lighting design service is more appropriate to clients’ needs. Please let me know if you think I could add something else that you think would be helpful to you.

Changes will be up on the website shortly.

Meanwhile, thanks to all my clients and I hope you stay safe and happy.