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New Daylight Generating Skylight

New Daylight Generating Skylight

An impassioned presentation was made at Luxlive by Paulo Di Trapani, the inventor of the Coelux daylight-generating skylight. This wonderful new invention won the Light Source Innovation of the Year award at LuxLive 2014 where the installation was on display in all its glory.

Ten years in the making and currently at the approximate cost of £45,000 for supply and installation this is a rather fantastic design toy but it does raise the question of where it can lead us on our journey of sympathetic and energy efficient lighting. In the words of Coelux “The effect is so convincing that if you were to walk into a room illuminated by CoeLux unaware of our new technology, you might think nothing of it until you realize it’s a dreary day outside or that it’s 10 o’clock in the evening.”
Whilst this is a remarkable phenomenon it would need to be used carefully as the juxtaposition of a gloomy day visible from the same area into which wonderful sunshine is pouring would, in reality, be rather unnerving.
This invention is remarkable and exciting both in terms of the future of alternative lighting sources and the health benefits that it could offer generations to come.
Currently available through Ideaworks, this phenomenon can be viewed at the Experience Centre in Great Portland Street, London W1W 5QJ – www.ideaworks.co.uk