Design process


Usually I will have a phone conversation with clients before things progress to this stage but hopefully this will give you an idea of how things move forward.

  • Send your plans and elevations by email and I will quote for carrying out the work.
  • Ideally we should have a telephone conversation or a Zoom call to go through further details so that I can get a full understanding of the project, your lifestyle and design aspirations.
  • If you decide to go ahead I will confirm the order and then invoice you for 50% of the design fee
  • Designs are usually carried out within two weeks of full submission and the initial payment but if any delay is anticipated I will let you know before confirming the order.
  • When I submit the full plans and specification I will also send an invoice for the balance which is due on return.
  • If you would like to make any changes these are included in the fees within approx 2 weeks of submission.

What do I get?

I will supply you with the following:

  • Marked up plan with key for symbols
  • Illustrated sheet showing proposed light fittings together with symbols
  • Spreadsheet detailing circuits and products on each circuit
  • Links to lighting suppliers and other websites for sourcing of feature fittings
  • Product specification sheets or links to product details if not available

What do I need to supply?

It will help me to have the following information before I start:

  1. Full architectural plans, elevations and cross-sections if available
  2. Kitchen layout if available
  3. Bathroom layouts if available
  4. Use of rooms
  5. Positions of Furniture (not essential but very useful)
  6. Any specific design style or products to be incorporated
  7. Any other relevant information that you think may help with the design

If you don’t yet know the layout of the rooms I am happy to help with suggested positions but this will only be a suggestion and it would be helpful if you could approve this layout before I start doing the design.

Please see our Terms and Conditions for further information