Lighting Design Service Questions

How is the Luxplan lighting design service different?

Generally lighting designers carrying out a residential lighting design service will specify products on the premise that these products will be purchased from them. Luxplan works on purely a consultancy basis giving full, clear details of all products so that you or your contractor can purchase these direct from the suppliers.

How will that benefit me?

This benefits you in two ways. Firstly, you are assured that we are specifying the products because, from our experience we know these to be the best on the market, at the best price for you, and not because we benefit financially in any way.  Secondly, building contractors will often charge a handling fee for products supplied directly by their clients so, by giving them the full details of the fittings specified a more streamlined purchasing system is in place which is ultimately more cost-effective.

What do you need from me?

We need full architectural plans in PDF form and ideally, kitchen and bathroom layouts. It also helps to know how you envisage using the space.  If the finer details are not known at this stage we can suggest furniture layouts but generally it is better coming from you as you are the one who will be living in the space.

How can you carry out this service remotely? Don’t you need to visit the site?

Most new-build projects are planned before the first stone is set and even with local projects the planning takes place in the very early stages, before going to Tender. Providing we communicate via email/phone and there is clarity about what you are hoping to achieve working remotely is just as beneficial as being situated in the same town.

Can’t my electrician work out the lighting?

Electricians may work out the lumens and be excellent at the technical installation but lighting design is a finally tuned marriage between art and science. Lighting designer Claire Pendarves carries out all the design schemes and is also an experienced and qualified interior designer so our schemes are holistic.  True lighting design does not stand on its own but combines a multitude of different elements.

I am carrying out a renovation of a property – do you only do new-builds?

We will design the lighting for property renovations but we will often require more input from you. When we design lighting schemes for new-builds we are generally armed with elevations and cross-sections of the property but this is rare in the case of an existing building.  There are also often elements that we need to work around which are not always featured on a basic plan.  Provided there is good communication this can be done effectively.

There are a lot of products on the internet, can’t I select from there?

There are a baffling amount of lighting products on the internet, not all of them good. We have the experience to know the best downlights that minimise glare, the warmest colour temperatures, beam angles and longevity of accent LEDs; this all combined with positioning and circuits leads to the best overall effect which will enhance the entire project.

I would like to include home automation. Do you factor that in?

We don’t recommend any specific home automation system but all our schemes are compatible with a multitude of systems. Your home automation company will need to know the number of circuits and the various fittings specified; they will then be able to plan accordingly.

Energy efficiency is incredibly important to us.

All our lighting schemes are energy efficient and in line with Part L Building Regulations although where lamps (bulbs) are required for fittings we will recommend the best lamps for the job but we do not supply them. In the event of our clients purchasing lamps with less efficiency, this is beyond our control.

What happens if I want to make changes to the design?

If you would like to change anything in the design within two weeks of submission we will change this free of charge. However, beyond this point a small charge will be made based on an hourly rate of £50 per hour plus VAT, minimum rate of 0.5 hours.

Do you include the exterior lighting in your schemes?

We factor in some exterior lighting on the actual structure of the house but further lighting in the garden is not included. However, we are happy to carry out design schemes for landscapes and gardens and for this we will require plans from your landscape architect or garden designer. A quote will be given once these have been received.

My property is overseas. Can you still carry out the lighting design?

The process of carrying out the lighting design for properties overseas is the same as working remotely within the UK; the only difference is the lighting products we will specify. We use a wide range of international lighting manufacturers and will aim to ensure that the lighting specified have outlets in your area of the world.  This is not a problem provided your building contractors are fully aware of the specification details of each product specified.  We will not ship lighting products overseas.

The build has progressed. Can you do a site visit?

We do offer a more premium service and are able to do this, depending on location. Please contact us direct to discuss.