Lighting Design Fees


We work purely as lighting consultants and supply fully transparent details so your or your electrical contractor can purchase the lights on the best terms available.

Lighting design fees vary according to the project in hand and each job will be quoted once we see the PDF plans. To give you an idea, our average fees range between £250 – £500 plus VAT but of course there are larger projects that incorporate gyms, swimming pools, media rooms etc so each design is quoted individually.

Drawing up plans (when architectural plans are not available): A charge will be based upon our hourly rate of £50 plus VAT per hour. This will generally be between £50-£100 plus VAT. Please note that these will be for lighting design purposes only and will be based on your hand drawn plans and measurements being supplied to us. Alterations to submitted plans and specifications will be based on our hourly charge and will be quoted before work is commenced (minimum 0.5 hr).

We also offer a lighting design service for landscape and garden lighting and fees will be quoted for each project once we have received plans and designs from the garden designer or landscape architect.  At this stage it helps us to know more about the surrounding area and how the lighting will impact on any neighbours or will affect privacy of the final project.

Open plan living areas will be charged at our minimum rate of One Bed Apartment.

We also offer a more bespoke service where we will visit either at the design stage or prior to first fix.  Please contact us for further details.

Our lighting design service is now also available for overseas projects whereby we will specify products from international suppliers.