About Us

Luxplan is an online lighting design service created by lighting designer Claire Pendarves.

We are lighting design consultants.  We don’t sell the light fittings for our remote service but will recommend the ones that we think are appropriate for your design projects. Most lighting design companies for residential projects work on the principle that they will also supply the lighting. Luxplan is different.  We work on a consultancy basis only and will mark up design schemes and specify from a wide range of products so that you, the client, can purchase the light fittings direct from the suppliers on the best terms available to you.

Beautiful lighting adds an intangible atmosphere to a building but at the same time it needs to be interwoven with technical know-how, knowledge of products available on the market and an understanding of how the design aspirations of the client can be fulfilled.


Luxplan can carry out lighting design projects through the UK as well as overseas. Communication is via email, phone and Skype although Claire can also to travel for site consultations if required.


As we work from plan and liaise with clients through various mediums, we are able to undertake work throughout the United Kingdom as well as further afield having carried out designs as far afield as France, Malaysia and Chile.  Luxplan does not supply the lighting but will specify the best, most cost-effective products, in our opinion, for the project with full transparency so your builder or electrical contractor can source and supply.


There is a definite gap in the market for this consultancy service.  We have no ulterior motive in promoting one product over another apart from my knowledge, through experience, of which light fittings are the best for their effect and reliability.  We will suggest ways in which you can make savings and give you honest advice about where and why it is most beneficial to spend more.

Is the full design included?

Whilst we specify the overall architectural lighting of the interior and fixed exterior façade of the property we do not specify feature lights but will suggest where these can be sourced.  The standard service does not include the landscaping although we are happy to design gardens and landscapes if required; full plans would be required and a fee would be quoted before work commenced.

Please see our Terms and Conditions for further information