Lighting Design Service UK

Luxplan offers a simple lighting design service, planning beautiful, functional and energy efficient lighting schemes for new-build projects or renovations.  We work from plan – just as we would normally do on any local project – the only difference being that we are able to do this remotely whilst communicating with our clients by email and phone.  We specify lighting from a wide range of quality fittings using our experience to ensure that the best, most cost-effective solution is proposed.

plan example

We do not supply lighting but full details of any lighting specified is supplied together with the plans so that clients may purchase these direct from local or internet suppliers for the best prices available to them.  This ensures that our clients know that we have no ulterior motive for suggesting specific light fittings and frees our time for doing what we do – the lighting design.  Of course, any fittings suggested may be replaced with others that our clients may choose at their own discretion.

What we do

We listen to you and take into account your design aspirations and how you envisage the use of space within the property.

We mark up your plans with all positions and circuits with suggested architectural fittings

We supply a full, detailed specification of all fittings on each circuit together with a legend and further information on each fitting

We email you the plans and specification ready for your electrician to work from

After submitting the plans and specifications we will make any changes to the design that you request; this is free of charge if changes are made within two weeks provided balance payment has been made.  Beyond two weeks from submission of plans a charge for changes will be made.

What we do not do

We don’t do a switching plan, i.e. we don’t locate positions of switches on the plan

We don’t specify switches, dimmers or retro-fit LED lamps

We don’t get involved with the placement of your electrical sockets; this is not part of the lighting plan

We don’t send you hard copies of the full scaled plans unless requested; a charge will be made for these. Please see fees

We don’t source feature light fittings unless specifically requested to do so in which case a sourcing charge will be made, price to be agreed.