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Lighting Design by Luxplan

Various Projects

Lighting Design by Claire Pendarves of Luxplan Kitchen pendant lights Bulkhead lights casting shadow Bar Area in a Games Room Lighting artwork Interior Photographer UK Cornwall and South West Lighting a long corridor Lighting design for new build in Cornwall

Lighting stairs by Luxplan

Lighting stairs

Lighting stairs by Luxplan Lighting stairs

Dental Surgery Reception

Commercial Lighting Design

Penryn Dental Practice Dental Surgery Reception

Baulthaup Kitchen Design

Lighting Kitchens

Baulthaup Kitchen Design Pendant Lights for wine lovers Kitchen lighting Lighting design by Luxplan Atmospheric Kitchen lighting

Luxury Bathroom Lighting

Lighting Bathrooms

Luxury Bathroom Lighting Subtle bathroom lighting Coastal Cottage bathroomLighting a high bathroom Exterior Lighting in bathroom Mood Lighting over a bathBathroom Lighting by Claire Pendarves of Luxplan Lighting bathroom by Luxplan Bathroom Lighting by Luxplan Quirky lighting in wc Lighting tadelakt bathroom with LED panels

Exterior lighting design

Exterior Lighting

Adjustable Spike spots in bronze finish Exterior lighting design Garden Lighting Design by Luxplan

Exterior Lighting Garden Lighting - creating shadow

Old Rectory - large

Traditional Lighting

Traditional lighting design by Luxplan Washing fronts of wardrobes with non glare downlights Lighting traditional drawing room Traditional lighting by Luxplan Old Rectory - large Subtle bathroom lighting

Classical Lighting Design by Luxplan Traditional lighting design by Luxplan


Light and Health

The world or lighting design is not just about getting the planning and circuits right as lighting itself is so interwoven with our general health and circadian rhythms.

Many of us suffer from SAD disease on a seasonal basis but if we look at the influence of light on a daily basis we would be surprised how we are all affected by relatively small variances in light.  And this is not just the amount of light but also the quality such as photopic and melanopic lux which can have an affect on our sleeping patterns and how alert we feel throughout the day.

We are now becoming more aware of how using computers and tablets at night, with their blue toned LED lighting can have a negative effect on our sleep which can then have a knock-on effect to our health and well being.

Certain lighting manufacturers such as Photonstar are producing lighting technology that mimics the patterns of natural light throughout the day and therefore works with our natural rhythms.  This is a huge leap in the world of lighting and offers fascinating benefits moving the world or lighting design onto a totally new level.