Three Best Minted and Skinted Pendant Lights

There’s no doubt that the majority of us will desire beautiful designer pieces when selecting feature pendant lights for our new builds and renovations.  Sadly the budget won’t always run them so here are three comparisons that could save a few pence.

Discoco - Motion 50

The beautiful Discoco pendant light by Marset shown here in the 53 cms diameter version compares relatively well to the Motion 50 by Nordlux.  Of course Marset produce much larger versions of the Discoco going up to 132 cms diameter and this 50 cms version is their largest – not that big in reality.

Caboche - Plaza

The Caboche by Foscarini is one of the most stylish bling lights on the market, shown here as the 50 cms diameter version. however, it is also available in larger sizes (up to 118 cms diameter at approx. £1,500).  The Plaza by Dar has a maximum size of 50 cms diameter but can create the sparkle for less than half the price of the coveted Caboche.

PH Artichoke - Norm 69

Well there’s no comparison really – who wouldn’t want the real thing!  However, if the budget won’t run to the beautiful Louis Poulsen Artichoke lamp then the Norm 69 X-Large gives a great effect at a fraction of the price.  You’ll have to assemble the pieces which can be quite fun – or a trial if you’re not that way inclined – and it’s basically a shade that slots over a standard pendant light fitting.  I’ve used the Norm 69 in numerous situations running from large vaulted hallways to children’s bedrooms and playrooms and it has been hugely popular.

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